We are proud to be the provider of multi-platform Agency accounts including Facebook, Google, Tiktok.

We are committed to quality service, 24/7 support, the LOWEST Service fee in the market, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for customers.

In addition, we also provide materials for advertising such as: facebook profile, Business Manager, Facebook pages…


What does MMO INVOICE have?

MMO INVOICE a multi-platform Agency Account advertising account provider

MMO INVOICE – supplier of advertising materials

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What does MMO JSC have?

About MMO JSC – a multi-platform Agency Account advertising account provider


Multi-platform Agency Account

Proud to be the provider of multi-platform Agency accounts including Facebook, Google, Tiktok in Vietnam market


How to build a brand?

MMO JSC builds a comprehensive brand for businesses

We have fully prepared personnel and all resources to serve businesses
in the most comprehensive way. All systems operate automatically

1. Marketing Consulting

Marketing strategy consulting

MMO SJC has nearly 4 years of experience in deploying in the market with more than 10 different fields.

2. Customer Insight Research

Duyệt thông tin khách hàng

 Customer Insight Research

We will learn all business information, strengths and weaknesses in business, thereby offering solutions and marketing strategies suitable for each business.

3. Brand positioning

Bảng giá cho thuê tài khoản Invoice faceboook

Brand positioning

Brand positioning is the position that an individual or organization owns in the customer’s perception, it helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors.

4. Content Creation

Thuê Tài Khoản Invoice Facebook

Content Creation

MMO SJC provides a draft of the communication strategy to set the direction for implementation across channels

5. Brand promotion

Khách hàng nhận tài khoản

Brand promotion

We will learn all business information, strengths and weaknesses in business, thereby offering solutions and marketing strategies suitable for each business.

6. Reporting & Optimization

Đọc rõ lưu ý và chính sách

Reporting & Optimization

Update the actual situation through specific data on periodic reports.


Why is branding necessary?


a new step for businesses

We help solve outstanding problems in businesses and businesses to successfully break through the market together with businesses.

Increase engagement on social networks.

When users and interested people interact with businesses on social networks, they also expect to receive feedback from businesses. By social networks, businesses can follow and interact with the community who are interested in their brand, surprise and delight them when they are having positive emotions with the business or vice versa, support and fix the problem.

People talk about your business on social media.

A social network is a wide information network that allows people to comment, rate, and rate businesses. Posting about your business and interacting with consumers through comments, shares, and direct messages can help you increase your brand’s exposure to the public.

Your customers are on social media

According to statistics, users of social networks in Vietnam are increasing rapidly, most popular with social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Facebook has up to 80% of stable users in the age group of 16-50. Over 50 years old, this rate is 55%. This is the land for you to find potential customers for your business.

People are looking for your business information.

With today’s Internet trends, businesses have the opportunity to reach a larger audience through quality content in many forms. Invest in building useful content, customers will be the ones actively looking for your business. This is a permanent method of attracting potential customers. You can create forums on Facebook, Twitter…

Always stay on top of trends.

Communities on social networks quickly update the things they care about. When your business is on social media, you can reach these easily and quickly. From there, create and convert your products and services in line with the trend.

Set up your business as an agency.

Operating social networks as an agency, with consistency to help customers understand and trust your business and products step by step. This is how to build trust with customers. This also contributes to building your brand more credibility.

Campaign Management and Tracking.

Businesses can deploy, review and test the effectiveness of advertising through social networks. Businesses can also selectively advertise objects by gender, age or living area… This is an effective advertising method to help businesses classify target customers. Social networking platforms will provide a basic piece of data for businesses to get campaign performance tracking data.

Even if you don’t have a communication strategy in place, you can still keep an eye on what people are saying – good or bad – about your company, competitors, and key trends. By representing your business, you can quickly build professional credibility and connect with potential customers. Going through social can direct people to your other marketing programs where you more easily reach potential customers.

“Do Fast – Go Firm”

MMO INVOICE will help you dispel fatigue and sadness because of problems arising when advertising products that violate policies We optimize all solutions, solve all customer worries from account granting, account care, effective reporting for you.