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Please fill in the correct information so that the MMO JSC system can censor as quickly as possible.

  • The website guarantees the fulfillment of the following conditions– Complete the website with full products and images (should have at least 4 products)- No blank pages or broken links- Your business profile page and contact details- Complete content on Delivery Policy, Payment Methods and Return Policy
  • The page : have Cover Page, atleast 3 post

With Facebook Agency Account  have 2 type:

Account Basic: 

  • Each Facebook Agency account has 1 domain, have max 5 facebook pages, the page name should be related to the domain name
  • Page should be created at least 1 week in advance, with at least 3 articles related to the product

Account Pro 

  • Each Facebook Agency Account has 1 domain,1 page. Subject to change during use

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