Learn about Google Agency Account

What is Google Agency Account

Google Agency Account is a Monthly Billing Billing account type. This account is only granted by Google when your business meets the following requirements: Has been registered as a business for at least one year.

Have an active Google Ads account in good standing for at least one year.

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Benefits of renting an Agency Account?

How is a Google Agency account different from a regular Google Ads account?

Advantages of Google Agency advertising accounts

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Quy trình thuê invoice Google tại MMO INVOICE?

The process of renting a Google Agency account

You can register for any kind of invoice, just fill out the form completely

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Customers register information

Customers provide information about products, services, Facebook page, domain in the information registration form, please click here to register: Open Agency Account

Duyệt thông tin khách hàng

Browse customer information

MMO SJC browse Info (Product, Website)

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MMO JSC registers information with Google

We will use the information you have provided and registered with Google.

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Customers receive accounts

After being approved by Google and Topup your account, you can use it.

Thuê Tài Khoản Invoice Google Ads

Read the notices and policies clearly

Please read carefully the policy of MMO JSC to be able to understand our processes and policies, to avoid unnecessary disputes that may occur.

Note at MMO SJC?

Regulations when renting a Google Agency account

  • 1 domain per account
  • Website must be full of content, not missing pages, incomplete: shipping, refund, payment methode…
  • After granting the account, do not change the Domain. If you need more, review the new account.
  • Ensure campaigns comply with Google’s regulations, make adjustments when receiving warnings from MMO INVOICE.


  • If the account is dead, MMO INVOICE supports free resistance, in the meantime, if you need a new account, please open a new account according to the process – MMO INVOICE supports free to open an account.
  • If receiving the final result is a permanent restriction, MMO INVOICE supports transferring money to another advertising account for the Client.
  • Must register to run a niche from the beginning and cannot set another array, as long as the same niche of different posts is okay.

Total cost of MMO INVOICE


Service fee: 10% Recharge amount With whitehat product

(no violance policy)




MMO INVOICE with the mission build your brand

We are proud to be the provider of multi-platform Agency advertising accounts including Facebook, Google, Tiktok in Vietnam market.
We are committed to quality service, 24/7 support, LOWEST service fee in the market, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for customers.

What are you wondering about right now?

Frequently asked questions?

Whether you are a newbie or an old person, you will probably have questions about our Google Agency account rental service, read and find out the questions below.


1. What products are rented accounts?

MMO provides invoice accounts for the following items: Clean goods (POD, Dropship, fashion, household appliances, furniture…) cosmetics, beauty salons, spas, some products in the functional food group such as milk (does not support pathological products).

2. If the account is locked, will the deposit be lost?

If the account is locked, the deposit will be forfeited. The remaining amount in the dead account will be frozen by Google and MMO JSC will support you to appeal or if the final result is a permanent restriction, MMO JSC supports transferring money to another advertising account for customers. row

3. How is VAT calculated?

MMO does not charge VAT. We only collect:

  • Account opening fee: $25/account
  • Account guarantee fee: $100/account – we will refund this amount when cooperation ends. This is money to make sure you don’t violate the platform’s policies. If your account is blocked for violating the policy this deposit will be forfeited.
  • Service fee: Depends on the product the customer does business
  • USD and VND exchange rates: Will change from time to time
4. If I do not want to continue using the service, can I refund the remaining amount in my account?
  • MMO SJC will refund the unfinished budget balance in the customer’s account after 60 working days from the date of completing the final balance closing procedure.
6. What if the customer dies the account?
  • In case the account is disabled. MMO SJC will assist with the appeal. If receiving the final result is a permanent restriction, MMO JSC supports transferring money to another advertising account for the Client.

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