What is a Facebook Invoice account? Why should you use invoice?

A Facebook Invoice account is like a credit card that is both valuable and rare. Any individual or organization that owns it will have outstanding power to promote their brand, advertise their products and services.

So what exactly is this account? Why should you use it? The following article MMO Invoice will analyze so you can have more information about Facebook’s Invoice type.

đăng ký invoice

Invoice facebook account

1. What is a facebook Invoice account?

  • General understanding of Facebook Invoice

Facebook Invoice is a special type of account issued by Facebook to organizations and individuals who have contributed a lot to building the ecosystem for Facebook.

Normally, the organizations and individuals who are granted these are reputable partners and businesses, spending large limits in a stable manner, at least 3 months before being issued an Invoice.

Facebook Invoice accounts are not meant to be given to every Facebook user. Only those who meet Facebook’s conditions will be granted. That alone is enough to see how precious and rare this type of account is.

  • Conditions for receiving Facebook Invoice

Facebook partners, or organizations and individuals who meet the two basic criteria below will be granted Facebook Invoice accounts:

Condition One: There is a Facebook customer support representative.

Second condition: Must have a minimum spending level of 10,000 USD/month and this level must be maintained for at least the last 3 months.

When two conditions are met, Facebook will send a notification to invite that organization/individual to use this account.

Tại sao nên sử dụng invoice?
Why should you use invoice?

2. Why should you use Facebook Invoice account?

As mentioned, Facebook Invoice is an extremely valuable and rare type of account. If you are the owner of a business, an organization, or any individual who wants to spread your image in the community, Invoice is the most effective tool. The reason for this assertion is because of its special features below.

  • Advertising spending limits are unlimited

This is the advantage that makes the biggest difference of Invoice accounts compared to regular account types. You imagine Invoice Facebook as a Vip credit card that the bank gives you. The credit limit on the card is very large, you can freely spend without worrying about the amount limit. You just need to pay on a fixed day of the month, or when your credit limit runs out.

  • Invoice Facebook Spend first, pay later

This creates many advantages in the advertising process. If you run Facebook ads with a regular account, you must spend money to buy an account first and then be allowed to run.

If the number of interactions is increasing, orders are coming in like a flood but the money runs out, it is very frustrating. On the contrary, if it is a Facebook Invoice account, you don’t have to worry, you can just run freely, don’t worry about running out of money in your account, on the day of payment, you can pay in full and continue using.

Just like you use prepaid sim and postpaid sim. The disadvantage of using a prepaid SIM card is that while you’re making an important call, you run out of money. You have to recharge to be able to call. Once you’ve recharged, the opportunity has passed.

But when you use a postpaid sim, you can call freely. At the end of the month, the network will summarize the fee you called and notify you to pay.

  • Run ads for many products

It’s difficult to do this with a regular account, but when you rent a Facebook Invoice, it’s within reach. However, the product must still be clean and comply with Facebook’s advertising policies

  • Add more user support features

Users can easily multiply camps, multiply groups, run conversions, run messes…

  • Outstanding stability compared to regular accounts

Ordinary accounts can hardly overcome Facebook’s storms. On the contrary, the Facebook Invoice account is always strong, stable and safe no matter how much or how often you run it, as long as you strictly comply with Facebook’s advertising policies.

  • Can be sublet with quite attractive commission

When you own a Facebook Invoice that you do not need or use, you can rent it out.

Because many people need this type of account but they are not eligible for it from Facebook, so they are willing to spend a large amount of money to rent your Invoice.

So by now, you probably understand what a Facebook Invoice account is. If you are not eligible for this type of account, try to find and rent an Invoice, you will definitely be satisfied with its power.

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